Physio and Medicine with Cameron Coomer

Cameron chats to sports physician Dr Janesh Ganda about his experience of being involved in professional sports teams and the management of the players injuries as well as the impact COVID-19 has had on professional sport.

Spotlight on Sports and Excercise Medicine

  • Concussion in Sport – Concussion incidence is on the increase, with athletes sustaining concussions at younger ages. I chatted to Dr Jon Patricios and Dr Leigh Gordon, two concussion experts, on the diagnosis, management and tweezing out some myths in concussion care.
Concussion, Dr Leigh Gordon, Dr Jon Patricios
  • Lower back pain – how should we be approaching lower back pain?

Lower back pain is a condition which affects people of all ages, athletes and non-athletes. Our sedentary lifestyle is putting us at risk of increased incidence of lower back pain. I chat to world renowned physiotherapist, Sarah Key, as she discusses her approach to lower back pain. Sarah has been treating lower back pain for nearly 3 decades and is the personal physiotherapist to the Queen of England and Prince of Wales.
*Sarah wishes to make a correction when she is talking about abdominal strengthening exercises. The through range exercises are isotonic, not isometric

Sarah Key Physiotherapist
  • Woman in a mans world – a Sport Physiotherapists view

Helen is currently an Independent Sports Physiotherapist who consults to UK Insurers for the Premier League, as well as all Elite Sports – Team and Individual. Also dealing with Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation of sportsmen and women. She gives many Presentations and Workshops in UK, SA and Internationally. She did her Master’s Degree (2004) under Prof Tim Noakes at UCT / SSISA and her study – “Stress Fractures in the Cricket bowler’s back” was published in the BJSM (2004). She has written a number of Handbooks, the latest being on Groin and Hips specifically for the Premier League. She has also published a number of studies in journals including 2 on Rugby Union Injuries (2004 and 2009). Many studies on the Groin and Hips have been published in SAJSM, Sportex, BJSM Blog and BIMMS. She is currently doing a Professional Doctorate on Groins/Hips through Kent University (4 th year). Currently undertaking work in the Community in SA.
Helen was Physiotherapist for the Stormers Rugby from 2000 –2005. Previously she was the Physiotherapist for South African Rugby, SA Hockey and SA Surf lifesaving. She provided physiotherapy cover for two All Africa games, Maccabi Games and two Commonwealth Games (1992 to 2006).

Helen Millson
  • Optimising performance for the traveling athlete

Peter Fowler is a research scientist specialising in performance recovery.His research at Aspetar focuses on the impact of travel and sleep on performance recovery. Specifically, developing practical interventions for athletes that enhance recovery following travel, and minimise sleep disruption due to contextual factors, including long-haul travel, evening training/competition and environmental influences, particularly heat and altitude exposure.
Peter gives our listeners some practical advice on reducing the effects of jet lag and travel fatigue prior to competition.

Peter fowler Aspetar
  • The role of a dietician in sports medicine

Nutrition plays an essential role in fueling athletes’ bodies for optimal training and performance. For many athletes, proper nutrition is the missing link to maximizing their potential. 
I chat to Shelly Meltzer, a registered dietician and Sports Nutrionist, on her role in maximizing athletes performance through dietary changes. 
Shelly has provided dietary interventions and advice for SA Sports Teams (including Rugby, Sevens Rugby, Canoeing, Canoe Polo; Cricket, Soccer, Surfing, Americas Cup Shosholoza team, Olympic and Paralympic athletes).She is a consultant dietitian for SA Rugby and organized and managed the food services and interventions for the IRB Sevens Tournaments in George and Port Elizabeth (2008-2015); the ICC Six Nations Series in Namibia; Canoe Camps; and set up food services at various rugby academies in South Africa and for International teams travelling to SA.She is a consultant dietitian for several expeditions, including the 2006 Great Wall of China run (Braam Malherbe and David Grier) and the Scott-Amundsen Centenary Race to the South Pole in 2012 (for Braam Malherbe).Past Board member of SA Institute for Drug Free Sport; served on the Scientific & Medical Committee for SA Rugby and other sports medicine bodies (SA Sports Commission, the NOCSA High Performance Programmes, SASMA and PINES committees).

Sports medicine and dietician